Sanicompact 43 Silence ECO+

Sanicompact 43 Silence ECO+



  • £2.00 - £81.00

The replacement parts below are only compatible with Sanicompact 43 Silence ECO+ products made after 01/01/2008. 

If your product does not match, please contact our after-sales service


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Active filters

Siphon valve

Siphon valve as fitted on the Saniflo Sanicompact unit.

Price £12.55 incl. VAT

Pneumatic push button

Pneumatic push button used on early models of the Saniflo Sanicompact 

Part N° 24 on the parts diagram. 

Price £14.60 incl. VAT

5 litre Container Saniflo descaler

This descaler is suitable for all Saniflo products. Due to the weight of this product, deliveries are limited to 2 containers per order.

Price £20.71 incl. VAT

230V solenoid valve

230V solenoid valve.

Position N°28 on the parts diagram.

Price £23.70 incl. VAT

Circuit board for the Sanicompact

Circuit board for the Saniflo Sanicompact.

Please check the part code on the old part before ordering.

Price £80.34 incl. VAT

STD card for dual-flush button

Circuit board for Saniflo Sanicompact macerators manufactured since 2009. 

Position N°15 on the parts diagram.

Price £80.34 incl. VAT